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Links to Amateur Radio websites

Last updated: 31 March 2012
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Information resources

Australian ham radio web pages

The following links are to web pages of individual radio amateurs.

Australian Commercial Ham Radio (and related) sites

Links to equipment suppliers in Australia can be found in the VKFAQ.

Antennas - theory, practical examples, VSWR, Yagis and other antennas

Moonbounce on 432 MHz in VK1 - December 1995

As part of the 100th anniversary celebrations for Guglielmo Marconi in December 1995, a group of amateurs in Canberra attempted some moonbounce contacts on 432 MHz. Here's a brief report of what happened, who made it happen and what contacts were made.

Government, National Associations, Clubs, Special Interest Groups


Satellites, AMSAT, SAREX, NASA, Tracking


Packet Radio


FAQs, FTP sites, Ham radio software


VHF, UHF, Microwaves, Moonbounce


Beacons are radio transmitters which transmit signals on fixed frequencies, either continuously (VHF beacons) or on a time-sharing arrangement (HF beacons). If you can hear a beacon it indicates radio propagation is possible to that location on that band. By listening for beacons in various locations you can monitor conditions and plan your own operations.

Low Power Operation (QRP)


Homebrew Radio Equipment - Articles, resources, parts sources


DX operation, IOTA, DXpedition info, contests

Electronics, Misc Radio Subjects


News, e-zines


Radio Links: General: Short Wave Listening

Links to Australian and other radio resources on the net, including shortwave listening, marine comms, scanning, outback communications.

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