The field day site in November 2008. The smaller mast carries the 2.4 GHz gridpack dish and the 1296 yagi at the top. The other mast is 6m high and carries the 432 MHz and 144 MHz yagis. Both masts are rotated by a KR400 rotator at ground level. The slip rings for the guying point are essential items for the checklist. In this event I used the mobile whip on the car for 6m. The tent is an old Coleman classic which provides convenient standing room and is a pleasure to operate from.

Accommodation, comfort, food and clothing

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Field Day checklist

This is the 2009 checklist. It has evolved from a more basic list over the last 20 years or so. The specific items like radios and antennas depend on which bands and radios are suitable for the event.

On one occasion I realised at about 35 km from home that I had not brought the bag of tent poles which were essential for the tent. I briefly considered trying to operate entirely from the car but decided that was going to ruin the whole operation and turned back home to get the forgotten item. An additional 70km and an hour's delay. Since then I try to go through the checklist before departing.

It is best to have a physical checklist - print it from a spreadsheet, perhaps, and tick each item off. If you don't have the luxury of a support crew at home willing to drive to your field location with forgotten items, checking at home is far more effective.

Radio equipment


Power supplies

Other items