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12 element yagi for 2m used at home in March 2011

Shack in the shed

The temporary operating location in the shed used in the JMMFD and in the QRP hours contests. Computer came in handy for checking the rules. The FT817 next to it was the radio used for the QRP contest, running 5 watts output into the 80m dipole.

The IC910 is used on 144, 432 and 1296 MHz. Above it is an Emtron antenna matchbox and there is a 2 amp 13.8v power supply on top of the Emtron. The antenna rotator control boxes are to the right of the IC910. Beneath the lower bench is the power supply for the IC910H, a memory keyer (Idiom Press, 4 memory type), an MFJ audio filter. The keyer paddle on the right is my old Brown Bros paddle that is still in great working order. Next to it is a kit-built paddle from American Morse that I bought at Dayton Hamvention in 2010. It is very small and quite light.


The antennas at the Yass property, as set up for operating events in April 2011.

The mast in the foreground is supporting two wire HF dipoles. This was set up for the QRP Hours contest on 2nd April.

The masts closer to the shed hold VHF and UHF antennas. These were set up for the JMMFD contest in March.

The dish has a future role on a microwave band above 1296 MHz. It now has a twin (non identical) which was available at the right price.


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I have designed some log sheets and summary sheets for use in the Australian VHF field days, in Excel and Open Office format. More details here.

Field Day Techniques and checklist

My field day techniques page provides some ideas and describes my approach to field operation on VHF/UHF bands. Also here is my field day checklist. Some things such as clothing vary depending on the time of year, but basically I aim to be self contained, have backup equipment in case of total failure, be adequately clothed, fed and sheltered during the field day and to enjoy myself. These notes may help you plan your own field day operations.

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Grid Squares

Maidenhead Grid Square locator codes are now in common usage around the world by most vhf/uhf operators and contest organisers. Make sure you place your Grid Locator on your QSL card and be ready to exchange grid locator codes with stations you contact.

If you don't know what they are or how to figure yours out, this article by Guy VK2KU (SK) explains it all really well.

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