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10G equipment612 views10GHz setup showing transverter and dish mounted on tripod. The communications compound with steel A-frame building, multiple towers and wire fence can be seen to the rear, creating a significant attenuator for microwave signals to the north.
23cm antenna 448 views33 element M2 yagi
Alt station view424 viewsThe 10GHz gear in the foreground was borrowed from Dale VK1DSH for this event. The IC202 transceiver is attached to the top of the transverter box using velcro. The camera was set up on a small tripod for this photo, but was not horizontal, hence the 6-7 degree tilt of the horizon.
Operator's Desk435 viewsEquipment shown is IC910H for 144/432/1296, FT290R for 2.4 GHz, IC736 for 50 MHz and the Rotator controllers. Morse paddle connected to IC910H, straight key for the FT290R, ready for the difficult contacts.
10GHz gear closeup427 viewsCloseup of the 10GHz equipment borrowed from Dale VK1DSH. To the left the feed on the 2.4 GHz dish can be seen, incorrectly mounted.
410 views2m and 70cm antennas
Field station418 viewsThe 6 band VHF/UHF/microwave station.
Gridpack dish447 viewsThe gridpack dish for 2.4 GHz is shown here, connected to the transverter via 4m of foam coaxial cable. The feed for this dish should have been mounted for horizontal polarisation, matching the orientation of the dish grids. This was an installation error.
The rotators at the base of both the 2.4/1.2 GHz and the 144/432 MHz masts are also shown here.
The operating desk at night475 views
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