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Amateur Radio Field eventsAmateur Radio Field events include the Australian VHF/UHF field days, the National Field Day and other events involving setting up an amateur radio station on a mountain, an island, out in the forest etc.
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2008 November VHF/UHF field day


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2008 June Winter VHF/UHF Field day


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2009 Jan VHF/UHF FD


Photos from the 2009 Summer VHF/UHF Field Day, January 17/18.

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2009 June winter VHF/UHF field day


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2010 January - Summer Field day


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Radio events, conventions, conferencesRadio events, conventions, conferences
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2010 Dayton Hamvention


Photos taken at the 2010 Dayton hamvention, which was attended by over 18000 radio amateurs and over 220 commercial exhibitors, goes for most of a 3 day weekend and has thousands of flea market stalls.

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Historical photosPhotos of past radio events involving VK1DA
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10G equipment396 views10GHz setup showing transverter and dish mounted on tripod. The communications compound with steel A-frame building, multiple towers and wire fence can be seen to the rear, creating a significant attenuator for microwave signals to the north.
10GHz gear closeup234 viewsCloseup of the 10GHz equipment borrowed from Dale VK1DSH. To the left the feed on the 2.4 GHz dish can be seen, incorrectly mounted.
Southwest view from Ginini195 viewsLooking southwest from Mt Ginini. Another lake illusion in the distance.
Solar powered on 10 GHz184 viewsThis 10 GHz equipment is owned by Dale Hughes VK1DSH, who designed and built the transverter, including a digital controller managing sequencing, CW generation, CW beacon and displays the input voltage on an LCD panel. The driver is an IC202 on 144 Mhz. The battery is contained in the bag at the foot of the tripod and is charged by the solar panel.
A kit for a Collins 75A4 receiver284 viewsThe explanatory documentation states that a number of 75A4 receivers were built by Collins staff, who knew how to put them together and were able to buy the critical components and hardware as spares from Collins. I don't know what happened with this auction. Someone may have a big job on their hands. However if it is finished they will have a very good receiver, albeit a big and heavy one, with tubes.
An Alpha amplifier206 views
Morse paddles 2373 viewsby N3ZN

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TS590408 viewsThe new Kenwood radio. Jun 08, 2010
Tower and Yagi on hat345 viewsThe tower and yagi are actually mounted on his hat. He had a sign reading "go ahead, take a photo". So I did. One of the DARA officials...Jun 08, 2010
W2IHY330 viewsAn excellent display from W2IHY with a number of operator positions to try out his audio processors and noise gates etc. Jun 08, 2010
Vintage gear329 viewsJun 08, 2010
Morse paddles 3354 viewsJun 08, 2010
Morse paddles 2373 viewsby N3ZNJun 08, 2010
Sam, Kent and Matt333 viewsG4DDK, WA5VJB and VK2DAGJun 08, 2010
Morse paddles 1346 viewsJun 08, 2010